Sunday, August 19, 2012

News: Eva Chen

Eva Chen is the beauty and health director of Teen Vogue and she is always answering questions on her Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube page. She is such an inspiration to me because of the way she broke into the fashion and beauty world and shows that you don't necessarily have to go to college specifically for fashion, but just work really hard for it. Since she is known to answer fan questions, I decided to go to Tumblr ask her if she would take a look at my blog and YouTube channel. The worst she could say was no, but she didn't! Eva Chen said she will check out my blog and follow me on YouTube! I am so happy, it may be a small deal to some, but not for me. I just had to share my news with all my beautiful followers.

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  1. I LOVE her! She's absolutely awesome and I'm a bit of a stalker of her Instagram hehe

    x Joanna |The Treasure Chest


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