Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How To Style: The Denim Shirt

Denim shirts, jackets, and tops became a fashion statement just a little while back, but now they are a fashion trend! So for all the fashionistas who have been rocking the denim top since day one, don't stop wearing the denim just because everyone else has started. Find out how to style and revamp the denim top from classic, to casual, to chic. 
Annalynne McCord
Make your denim shirt fit the classic put together look by ironing or pressing it to be super crisps. Button the shirt up, but leave a few unbuttoned at the bottom for room to tie the shirt. This looks great with high waisted pants like Annalynne's or just put a camisole or tank top underneath.
Alexa Chung
Throw your denim shirt over your favorite tee or use it as a jacket. This looks super casual, but still fashionable. Alexa Chung's look goes from a very dressed up edgy outfit, to more laid back just by adding the loose denim top.
Ashley Olsen

Get the ultra chic look like Ashley Olsen by buttoning up and tucking in your denim top. A contrast of light and dark denim is a great visual and actually adds shape at the waist. If you want to go extremely chic and fashionable, then try buttoning your top all the way up and placing a chunky necklace right under the collar.


  1. Thanks for the post :) I love denim shirts but I always get mine out my wardrobe hold it up and think... Hmm... Noooo lol

    Need to try these styles out! :)


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