Friday, August 17, 2012

Hair 101: Heatless Beach Waves

Blake Lively
Beach waves are a never ending hair trend, but they deserve to be! Beach waves are so versatile, easy, and effortless. Most girls think the only way to achieve beach waves is to pull out the flat iron, but there are heatless waves to create the waves. The heatless version is best for hair that will hold a curl with or without hairspray and won't be in humid weather too long. All you need are hair elastics and a curl enhancing shampoo/conditioner is optional.
  1. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair. A curl enhancing shampoo/conditioner will help to encourage the waves and curls.
  2. Blow dry or air dry your hair until it is anout 85% dry.
  3. Seperate your hair into 2-4 braids and secure them with an elastic. The more you add the tighter your curls will be , less will result in more waves and loose curls.
  4. Wait until your hair is completely dry until you take out your braids.
  5. Take down your braids and finger comb them into the perfect style for you. You may need to spray your hair with a holding spray for the curls and waves to last.

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