Friday, January 25, 2013

Beauty 101: Everyday Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials
Every girl has that one go-to product that they can't just go a day without, it'd be the same as going out naked if they didn't put it on. Whether your go-to everyday product are beautiful stud earrings, nail polish, or even a pair of lucky socks, every girl should definitely take to time to learn these beauty essentials. Of course it's perfectly fine to go without these beauty products, which is me most of the time, because you are absolutely beautiful with and without the make-up. These everyday beauty essentials are for the days when you want to look polished, wide-awake, and like you put way more effort in your beauty look than you actually did. 
  • Sparkly Nail Polish! Okay, so this may not be your typical beauty product, but I think sparkly nail polish adds a little more personality to a handshake. Any nail polish color will automatically jazz up your fingers and if you use a sparkly polish you won't have to worry so much about obvious chips.
  • Mascara! Mascara is probably my 2nd favorite beauty product besides eyeliner because no matter what it always makes your eyelashes stand out. Lengthening and thickening mascara make your lashes pop more in pictures and can even make your eye color appear brighter.
  • Lipgloss! Lip gloss is just about every girls first make-up product, it's easy and simple which is perfect for any age. Lip gloss comes in some many different pigmented colors and formulas that it's hard not to find one that works perfectly for you. Just be sure your lips are nice and smooth before you apply or else it will be a crackly mess.
  • Bobby pins! Whether you have short, long, curly, or straight hair, bobby pins are your hair's best friend. Bobby pins can be used to create so many different styles as well as hold your hair in place or to just get your hair out of your face. 
  • BB Cream! BB creams are a new product to me and they are worth the hype. BB creams help the skin and give a light coverage which is great for everyday since you don't want to pack your skin with too much make-up.
What are your beauty essentials?


  1. Sparkly nails look so gorgeous!
    My beauty essential is my lovely Elie Saab Perfume!

  2. these products look so fun, thanks! and great blog!!

  3. Great products!! The lip glosses are awesome!!

  4. omg yes! but bobby pins are so tricky I swear I always buy a thousand and can never find any when I need them!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. I can't live without lip gloss and bobby pins definitely. I LOVE those soft matte lip creams from NYX!
    Want to try the smashbox BB cream...



  6. my beauty essential is definitely body lotion, tinted moisturiser and mascara!
    i want to try bb creams


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