Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty 101: Ultimate Brow Tips

Ultimate Brow Tips

Brows frame your face and can be the decider of your everyday expression. If your brows are too low you may give off a sad look and too high may have you seeming very surprised. Lately I have been obsessed with keeping my brows natural with a natural arch and filling them in a bit for extra definition. However, maintaining eyebrows in general can be considered a pain, one wrong pluck or too much brow powder can be a total disaster! Keep reading to learn the ultimate tips for brows.

  • Mirror! Of course you need a mirror when you're applying any type of make-up, but especially when dealing with your brows. You're going to want to invest in a magnifying mirror so you can see each individual hair up close whenever you're plucking or waxing your brows. 
  • Shape! I recommend sticking with your own brow shape since it naturally fits you, but if you want to change it up be sure to use good judgement based on your eyes and nose shape.
  • Eyebrow Brush and Comb! Whenever you're putting on your make-up or just shaping up your brows, make sure you comb them out. It's similar to brushing your hair before styling, but for your brows.
  • Eyebrow pencil and shadow! Pencil and shadow is the best way to fill in sparse areas of your brows. While using a pencil use short strokes that mimic real eyebrow hairs and an angled brush when using shadow in the same way.Brush out your brows after using pencil and/or shadow and never use long harsh lines.
  •  Brow Gel! Finish off your brows by using brow gel to keep your brows in place all day long. You can also use a tiny bit of Vaseline as an alternative.

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