Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top Trend Predictions

Leather, peplums, polka dots, side parts, and bolder lip colors are my predicted trends for the winter and pre-spring seasons of 2013. Whether it's fashion or beauty, I love to predict the latest trends and slowly begin to try them out before they "make it big".  Keep on reading below and learn more about my trend predictions.
Kim Kardashian
Leather and peplums are being seen everywhere now. Leather can be incorporated for in so many ways such as tops, shoes, and pants and look amazing. Leather is also very practical for the winter and can work its way into spring as a great leather short or skirt. Peplums create a curvier shape on any body type and can go from long sleeve to short in any fabric and pattern. Kim Kardashian knows how to work it with both leather and peplum in the photo above which gives off a chic look without being too many trends at once.
Cheryl Cole
Polka dots are the latest pants pattern to strike after florals and stripes. Polka dots can be sweet to edgy in a instance and are extremely versatile. From the size of the polka dots, the direction of the dots, and most importantly the color contrasts, polka dots can go with any outfit and make it stand out. Polka dots can easily work with another pattern like how Cheryl Cole pairs dots with hearts and makes it work by the black and white color contrast. Polka dots will work with any piece of clothing, but in skinny jeans it will stand out and make your outfit youthful and fun.
Kristen Stewart
Beauty wise side parts and bold lip colors are taking the red carpet and everyday looks by storm. A deep side part is an easy way to change up your hairstyle without any cutting or dying. A side part starting at the middle of your brow will make your hair cascade on one side beautifully framing your face. You can even add waves, curls, or leave your hair straight with the side part. Bold lip colors will make your face brighten up and look like you spent more time than you actually did on your make-up. Try out a lip color that goes with your skin tone, but venture out by experimenting with lip colors that will work for you.


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