Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fashion 101: All Black, Never Boring

All black can seem so boring and one dimensional, but not with these tips and tricks. Demi Lovato is the queen of turning an all black look into a chic, edgy outfit while Kylie Jenner knows exactly how to dress up an LBD. All you need is texture and pattern with your black pieces and if you must, an amazing pop of color as well. Keep on reading to learn how Kylie and Demi keep an all black look fresh and chic.
Kylie Jenner
Kylie takes the black dress look to a whole other level! The sheer maxi length makes the dress accent her legs while keeping it classy because of the short black dress underneath. The belt cinches in her waist and creates shapes preventing the dress from becoming to long and baggy while also adding some shine from its patent detail. The minimal make-up and accessories allow the dress to stand out and the heels make her legs like miles long which is perfect for every girl.
Demi Lovato Clothes
Demi Lovato
A little sparkle, studs, patent, leather, bling, anything can make an all black ensemble so much better. Demi's sparkly black dress makes her shine while the leather studded jacket adds a cool edge along with her sky high booties. All together the look screams edgy glam and doesn't have one dull peice.

Demi Lovato

What could be said as the hardest way to wear black is layering, but it's way easier than you think. All you need is texture, pattern, and of course a good review over your outfit to keep from doing too much. You always want to start with either a basic top or bottom and slowly layer light items such as a scarf, cardigan, or light weight jacket, you definitely don't want to make yourself look bulky. Just remember to look over you're layering to make sure it all flows no matter what colors you're wearing.

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  1. You are so right, great pics. I don't usually like what Demi wears, but all black suits her really when it's all layered! Kylie looks amazing too :)


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