Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beauty 101: Simple Statement

Sarah Hyland
Happy New Year everyone! 2013 should be a year to take risks and make statements with your beauty. 2013 is coming in with so many beauty trends that aren't the typical "pretty" look, but more edgy and bold statements. Whether it's dark lips or luscious lashes, one simple statement can change your entire look. Keep on reading for tips on how to make a new beauty statement for 2013.
  • Lips! Lipstick is the perfect and most simple way to amp up your beauty look. Dark lips are great for the fall and winter, while you can keep it classic with a red lipstick or pretty with a pink or purple.
  • Cheeks! Try matching your lip color to your cheeks or pull out the bronzer and master the art of contouring to give your face more definition.
  • Eyebrows! Changing up your eyebrow shape can give you a whole new look. If your eyebrows ever look sparse just add in some eyeshadow to fill in with color or just to add a bolder touch.
  • Eyes! There is so much you can do with the eyes whether it is a hot cat eye, big coated lashes, or a sweep of color with eyeshadow. Liquid liner, false lashes, and an eyeshadow pallete are so much fun to play your eyes up with.
What simple statement are you making with your beauty this year?

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