Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty 101: Magnifibers Brush On False Lashes

Magnifibers brush on false lashes has to be my latest beauty obsession and actually makes me want to play up my lashes. Magnifibers was sent to me about a month ago and after a couple weeks of trying it out, my final verdict is that it does exactly what it says. The product makes your lashes appear thicker, bolder, and slightly longer while still looking casual and perfect for everyday wear. You do have to use a regular mascara before applying the magnifibers product as well as after because it shows up as white dust-like fluff on your lashes. However, after the application you will notice a visible difference in the appearnce of your lashes. The only con towards the product is that when the product does get into your eyes it gives off an irritating feeling equivalent to getting an eyelash in your eye. 
My Natural Lashes
My lashes with the Magnifibers product.
Overall this product has become one of my beauty faves and is perfect for making my lashes stand out even when they're hidden behind my glasses and in pictures. If you're wanting to try out the product be sure to check out the Magnifibers website here.
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