Saturday, July 7, 2012

Confidence Booster #10

Everyone has a time when they are feeling down on themselves or just not very confident. The best way to fix the problem is by making a list or telling yourself all the positive, good, and exciting things about yourself. Wether it's that you have breathtaking eyes, are the captain of the basketball team, or passed your driving test, it doesn't matter unless the fact is happy and good. Talking to yourself or thinking about positive things in your life is not concieted or arrogant, unless it is a constant situation, it helps to remind you how great you really are. Sometimes it takes the things we already know about ourselves, but tend to not think about that really make us happy and confidence.

Here's a list of positive things about myself:  
  1. I have 215 followeers on my blog who always give great feedback and comments.
  2. My skin is beginning to get clearer and my hair is almost the length I would like.
  3. I am finally developing my own personal style that I love.
  4. I am the president of my class.
  5. I  feel genuinely confident about myself.

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