Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY Nails: All About The Polish

It's Mani Monday and time to talk about nail polish. There are so many nail polish shades, colors, stickers, shatters, and so much more! Personal preference plays a roll in picking a great nail polish, but so does skin tone and sometimes even nail length. Your nail polish color can have so much more impact than you think, it can tell your favorite color, wether your into dark or light colors, or if your  into lots of sparkle and glitz. Here's some tips to picking out the best color for you!

  1. Chipped Nails! If your always concerned about chipped polish you may want to try polishes in pearly, nude, or beige shades. Even if the polish chips you won't be able to tell and you can dress up the colors with cute designs.
  2. Bright Colors! No matter your skin tone, bright polishes always appear bright. They stand out best if you normally wear neutral colors, but they still work if you always rock lots of color.
  3. Sparkles! Sparkly and glitter nail polishes may look pretty in the bottles, but sometimes they don't come out exactly right. Don't be afraid to open the bottle in the store to see just how light or heavy the specks of glitter really are.
  4. Application! Nail polish looks best when it is applied correctly. Coat the polish once directly in the middle of the nail, then one time on the right and left side.
  5. Stickers! Nail stickers from just about every brand do amazing things! They come in designs, prints, and bold colors that make your nails dazzles.


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