Monday, July 23, 2012

Love Her Style: Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd's style has had an amazing whirlwind style-wise in my head. Every outfit Cher wear is so unique, effortless, and totally cool, it also helps that she's a beautiful girl! Cher always keep its comfortable but rocking by trading in heels for a pair of sneakers, combat boots, or an edgy flat. As for pants she can usually be found wearing high-waisted shorts, leather pants, or printed skinny jeans! I especially love her colorful top with a cutout and collar and how she transformed the baseball jersey into a top! No matter long or short Cher wears her hair in a natural, messy wave paired with dramatic make-up complete with big lashes and lipstick.

I love her style and she has inspired new outfit creations in my own wardrobe. Cher will definitely be re-appearing in get the looks and whatever else she inspires! Whose style do you love?

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  1. i love her too !!
    her outfits are unique but not weird!
    i mean everybody can dress like Cher Lloyd, unlike lady gaga. i know her style also unique but not everyone can wear those 'unique' clothes ;)


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