Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

How To Make Yout Legs Look Long

I love making my legs look long and lean and I also love wearing heels, but sometimes I just am not in the mood to wear heels. However, I've found three easy ways to make myself feel tall and make others think my legs are going on for miles without the use of wedges and heels. The firsy way is to match the color of your jeans with the color of your shoes. Keep grey jeans with grey shoes, black with black, and so on. The best thing is that it works for all types of shoes! The number two way is to use jeans with a vertcial pattern, the best way is stripes. The vertical pattern makes it appear that your legs keep going and going because of the up and down print. Last, but not least is trying out high-waisted jeans which add height since the jeans go up into your upper body. High-waisted jeans also help out the ladies with super short or longer torsos because you have a reason to tuck in your shirt.  No matter what tip you try, you won't need heels which is a total plus since you get to have the extra comfort of flats!
How do you make your legs look long and lean?  

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  1. my favourite will be the striped pants :)...they really do make your legs go on forever.
    Great post hun.


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