Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why You Should Carry A Satchel Bag

Emmy Rossum
Satchel and cross body bags are my favorite types of bags to carry around. Satchel and cross body bags are so simple, don't take away from your outfit, and prevent me from bringing too many items that are so unnecessary. I am always throwing random things into my purse whether it's lipgloss, keychains, pens, pencils, makeup, and more lipgloss! A satchel or cross body bag is a definite essential for an on the go fashionista so keep on reading to find out why.
  •  A satchel or cross body bags makes you think twice before throwing just anything into your bag, no one wants to carry around a bulging bag.
  • Satchel and cross body bags not only hold your essentials, but they also will not weigh you down as other purses will since the bag is strapped across your body.
  • A cross body is most likely going to be adjustable so no matter how tall you are you can make the body proportion to your height.
  • School, work, and special occasions don't require too many extra items except for a couple make-up products, pens, and pencils so a satchel bag is perfect. 
  • A satchel or cross body bag works for day, night, and any occasions become they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Plus some cross body bags can double as an oversized clutch!
What kind of bag are you carrying?

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