Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get The Look: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is the perfect mixture of retro Hollywood glamour and a modern seductress. Lana is so effortlessly beautiful and timeless with her overall look and style that it is very hard to even try to copy her look. However, she is the perfect lady to take inspiration from if your craving a sexy, old time look that takes hints from icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. My top traits of Lana which will work for anybody is to hold your self high, confident, and overall classy. Try very neutral make-up, a matte foundation paired with a nude lip color and major lashes and liner are the signature Lana Del Rey make-up look. Also, don't forget to fill in your brows to make them bold and frame your face. Roller setting your hair or using a wide barreled curling iron will help you to achieve those big luscious curls that will even work on medium/short length hair. Add in your modern look with funky nails, fun hair pieces, and pairing vintage clothing with modern accessories.
Which celebrity do you take inspiration from?

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