Friday, November 23, 2012

Work Out The Holidays

The holidays are coming so fast this year, Thanksgiving was yesterday here in the U.S.! The holidays are so much fun whether your favorite part is the gifts, family, or decorating, but there are some downsides. Food and laziness hits during the holidays, you may eat 3 serving sizes worth of food and go straight to sleep afterwards which is not good if you want to maintain good health throughout the holiday season. Below are some tips on how to stay fit during this holiday season, but remember to still enjoy yourself and not over think every little second of your day. 
  1. Eat for your appetite! Don't overindulge and don't hold back when fixing your plate or snacking during the holidays. If the food is just that good have a taste, but not a full plate unless your truly hungry for it.
  2. Take a walk! After dinner try asking your family to go on a walk together. It's safe, fun, and great exercise that also allow family time. Plus, you can even turn it into a tradition!
  3. Bust out your magazines! I am definitely not a workout trainer so I can't tell you what workout moves to do to get flat abs, but I do know that just about every magazine has a workout section. Pull out the workout sections or find some online to help you get or stay in shape.
  4. Dress appropriately! Since it's getting colder outside shorts and a sports bra will not do if your going outside to workout. Keep your body temperature safe by throwing on a workout suit and if it's really cold throw on some mittens and a beanie.
  5. Move around! As long as you stay active and don't treat your daily routine any different during the holidays you should be fine! Keep your body moving and don't do too much consecutive eating and sleeping.

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