Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beauty 101: 5 Tips for Luscious Lips

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Fall 2012 is all about playing up your eyes and lips with dark, dramatic colors. Ruby and reds lips are so dark and beautiful and paired with shimmery golden eyes it instantly becomes gorgeous! However, if you go deeper into the new beauty trends, it is becoming more popular to "reshape" your lips, with concealer and foundation that is. Keep on reading for tips on how to reshape your lips, make them fuller, and look amazing:
  • The Basics! Before you can do anything special with your lips they need to look healthy. Use chapstick, sugar scrubs, and stay hydrated for healthy lips.
  • Moisturizing Lip Products! If your not using moisturizing glosses, stains, or chapsticks, your lips are just going to dry out and become chapped again. Use moisturizing products to keep your lips from chapping.
  • Primer! A primer will allow you a nice canvas to make your lip product true to color and last longer.
  • Lighter and Darker! Using a lighter shade lip color or gloss to the middle of your 1st lip color will make your lips appear fuller. The contrast will look gorgeous especially from the way the light will hit the colors, just be sure to blend!
  • Concealer! Use concealer along with an angled brush and foundation to reshape your lips and make your lipstick lines look perfect! Cupid bow shaped lips are so in right now and concealer will help you achieve the shape.

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