Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Nails: Keep Your Natural Nails Pretty

Okay so this is definitely my nail look from last week, but I like it so much that I'm  keeping it this way for my birthday on Saturday. The only difference for this week is that I did an all purple ombre and used a ton more glitter, glitter is girl's best friend though, right? Anyways while I was going through a struggle taking the glitter polish off I noticed that my nails are looking much more healthy than usual. For the past few weeks I have recently been trying out new nail routines because I began to notice that my nails we're breaking and peeling so easily which resulted in my polish looking not so hot. Now that my nails are all about the same length, have very little to no peeling, and don't seem to breaking so easily, I'm ready to share a few things that I've been doing to them.
  • Check the remover! I've always known not to use nail polish remover containing acetone on the regular, but it takes the polish off so easily that I caved in to using it every time. Big no-no! Use a remover without acetone so your nails will stay super strong.
  • Beneficial Base Coats! Base coat that have vitamins or moisturizes the nail really do work to protect and help your natural nails, plus they prevent your polish color from staining your nail.
  • Stop Excess Filing! There is no need to file your nails every day, only file about once a week to shape up your nails. Do not use a nail file to drastically change nail length or shape, it will weaken your entire nail.
  • Picking Your Cuticles! This may not apply to your nails, but your cuticles are so close to your nails that it should. Picking at your cuticles is actually a health risk because it can cause cuts, bleeding, and allows bacteria a way into your skin. Leave your cuticles to the professionals and extremely clean tools.
I really hope you enjoyed this post and that these tips help you to achieve great looking natural nails. If you try out any of these tips or have any of your own please let me know in the comments below!


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  2. Aww, looks amazing. Wish I could make them look as nice as that.



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