Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Accessories 101: Mary-Kate and Ashley

Look #1
Look #2
Mary-Kate and Ashley are a fashion icon package with amazing style. I adore the two photographs above of the Olsen twin showcasing their cool girls shades. Shades are a perfect accessory for any girl wanting to add a dash of chic to their look. They can even work all year long! Shades come in all different shapes and sizes such as aviators, oversized, tea shades, RayBans, and more. I especially love the sunglasses pictured in Look #1, they are two toned and fabulous and unexpected. Look #2 is more typical but still super cute. Aviators and RayBan shades are such great styles of shades. Try out new accessories year round chicas!


  1. i love both mary kate and ashley :) for me, they can wear anything and they always look good
    xoxo stephi


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