Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair 101: Victoria's Secret Waves

Victoria's Secret Models

Everybody knows about Victoria's Secret signature waves that each model rocks down the runway and in print. Their hair is always sexy, casual, and cool all in one! Any girl would love to have the big, flowly hair and feel like a model. The hairstyle can work on medium to long hair and can actually be achieved in a couple of different ways.
  • Pin Curls
Pin curl day old hair (hair that has not been washed) and secure it with a wrap. You can sleep in the pi curls or wait around for a couple hours. Afterward take out your pin curls and finger comb your hair. Use a curling iron on any fly away hairs.
  • Hair In A Bun
If your already a curly or wavy haired girl this trick may work for you. After washing your hair, comb out your tangles and put your hair in a bun. Wrap your bun very tight and wait a couple hours while also letting your hair dry. Afterwards take out your bun and release all your waves. If all your hair is not dry, use a blowdryer.
  • Pigtails
Pigtails make any hair type become wavy. After you have washed your hair, or even use dry hair, section of your hair and braid it. The more braids you add the more waves and curls your hair will have. Make sure to either let your hair air dry or use a blowdryer. You will have instant gorgeous waves.
  • Barrel Curling Iron
Begin by having dry hair that is completley combed off. Section off parts of your hair and begin wrapping your hair around a curing. By just wrapping the hair around, you will not create overly defined curls. Use hairspray as neccessary.

Be sure to have patience and practice. You may even need to modify the steps to fit your hair type. And remember the tips, tricks are ot very specific so just ask if you need more info! Try out the look chicas.

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