Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fasion 101: How to Look Taller

Olivia Palermo
Kate Bosworth
Gillian Zinser
Heels aren't the only way to look taller, so try out maxi skirts. Maxi skirts add major length and height when worn just the right way. Maxi skirts come in any type of pattern or solid color and can work for any season of the year depending on the fabric. The perfect maxi skirt for adding length is higher waisted or begin right at the top of your natural waist. Because the skirt starts higher up it makes your legs appear longer and taller, you may not even need to add heels! Avoid maxi skirts that are too flowly and a-line which tend to look very frumpy. Also if you are wanting to look taller do not wear your maxi skirt right at the hip. The above pictures show different styles of maxi skirts. Olivia is very indie and cool in a printed and ruffled. Kate is very romantic and girly in a silky, ivory maxi skirt, while Gillian is classic and chic in a fitted, long black maxi skirt. Rock the maxi skirt and feel sky high!


  1. I found your blog now, and i like it so i follow you, i hope you follow me as well if you like my blog.
    I love long sort, i have two, u can see one of them on my blog ant the other i'm going to show it next week, i think you're gonna love it!
    I love the yellow one! Mango has one very similar...maybe it would be my third...hahaha

  2. I love maxi skirts..My faves looks are Olivia Palermo and Gillian Zinser...Great post!

  3. Love the last photo. That outfit is perfect!!
    Following you too hun :D!!!

  4. I agree with this 100%! I wrote an entry like this a few months back too and it surprises me that a lot of girls feel that a maxi skirt will make them look shorter! :D

  5. I love Olivia's one the best. It suits her very well.

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  6. Great post and tips! So many beautiful looks!

    X Camilla


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