Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion 101: Katy Perry At Fashion Week

Katy Perry attend Viktor Rolf 2012 Fashion Show Katy Perry at Viktor & Rolf 2012 Fashion Show

Katy Perry is strutting her stuff at Paris Fashion Week, any fashionista's dream! Katy has been going up in the fashion world by taking major risks mixed with lots of chic glam power. I have always loved Katy's beauty looks but I am now really starting to admire her style. Katy is a wearing a royal blue and black outfit along with her fabulous blue hair that only a "California Girl" could rock.  Although I would never be risky enough to try such a daring outfit, I do love how Katy is so unique and takes a fashion chance. The patterns on her jacket annd shirt totally make it her own and the pumps give the look some glam power. And we can't forget to mention that she is rocing the shades and the ultra cool satchel clutch. Katy Perry shows that unqiue and daring style can get you noticed and admired.

How do you feel about Katy's street style?

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