Thursday, March 1, 2012

Confidence Booster #6

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne has completely taken control of herself and done a 360 into confidence! Kelly has began making fashion statements, getting healthy, and showing off just how pretty she really is. A key to gaining confidence is to take care of yourself first. It is not selfish to think of yourself first at times, you have the right to look and be the best you can be. Looking as if you have all the confidence in the world can help it to really come out and be 100% real.  Kelly Osbourne has not always appeared as the most confident girl, but as soon as she began to stand up straight and take care of herself everyone knew she had it. Look, act, and talk at your best and you will pour confidence and feel great!


  1. I love Kelly Osbourne and how she's turned her life around. She looks so pretty all the time now!

  2. she looks so gorgeous! her look was my favorite xx
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  3. I love Ms. Kelly Osbourne, great post!

  4. She looks amazing! I never thought I'd say this but that hair color really rocks!


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