Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fashion 101: How To Create Curves

Blake Lively

Leighton Meester
Body shapes and sizes come in a large variety and is unique to each person. Some ladies may have lots of curves while others go straight up and down, but there is a way for everyone to have curves. Contrasting color and peplum dresses and skirts are a fashionable way to create curves in any frame. Blake Lively is showing off the peplum dress trend in all black giving her an hour glass frame. The peplum widens out her hips making her waist appear smaller. Stay clear of a peplum skirt if you already have wider hips chicas! Leighton Meester is wearing a fitted high waisted skirt which alone can create an hour glass frame and adds a crop tank that gives the curve even more definition. Outfits like Leighton Meester can come in a complete dress or be made with seperates. Try out peplum skirts and dresses and contrasting colors to create curves!

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