Monday, March 5, 2012

Natural Beauty Challenge Week Three

The Natural Beauty Challenge is taken a turn for the better for me this week! How has this week been for your hair and skin? My skin is finally agreeing with my new routine of using an acne scrub,  moisturizing, and actually wiping my face throughout the day. I haven't a break-out yet this week or any other unexpected visitors on my face. My hair has gone through major tangling, but it is nothing a good detangling product cannot fix. This week plan for wiping off your face more during the  day by using blotting papers or facial wipes they work wonders for any skin type, especially oily skin. As for the hair, use heat only once this week if you really would like to, but just once. Try out some new styles like the buns Taylor Swift has been rocking or cute braids. Even create your own updo. Have a great natural beauty week!

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