Monday, March 12, 2012

Natural Beauty Challenge Week Four

The Natural Beauty Challenge has gone by so quickly, there are only 2 weeks left! During this week my skin has been getting better as I found how to balance cleasning my face throughtout the day. I now only use a cleanser and spot treatment at night and every other day I use a scrub in the morning. Also because I do workout, I keep facial wipes in my purse to keep the excess oil and bacteria off my face. As for my hair, I have been making sure to comb through to prevent my usual head of tangles and decided to wear it down the entire week. I advise everyone to try out facial wipes, spot treatments, and/or a nice daily cleanser or scrub. Those product will do wonders for your skin, but be sure to think about your specific skin type such as oily, normal, or dry. Try out different comb and brush sizes for your hair because I have discovered that it can make a huge impact on the smoothness and amount of tangles in the hair. Keep it going on the Natural Beauty Challenge!

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