Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Confidence Booster #8

Jordin Sparks
Health is a an important factor in the gaining confidence and even happiness. Good health makes anyone stand up taller, smile more, and just feel a much better about themselves. Jordin Sparks weight loss has seemed to give her more confidence about her self and the ability to do much more. She has even been supporting trendier clothing and trying out new daring hair trends! Good health can included a healthy hair journey, a goal to having better skin, or even something as simple as growing out your nails. Sometimes people may get wrapped into so many things that their own bodies and health can be forgotten which results in being tired and sluggish. Keep your confidence up by remembering to exercise and treat all aspects of yourself with lots of care. Boost up your confidence ladies!


  1. Its amazing how that one paragraph just made me really think about how much i neglect my body!!
    Your right but being healthy makes you feel soo much more confident and gives you glowing happiness


    Ancille xx

    1. That is exactly how I felt until January! I began excercising and eating right and not to lose weight, but just to feel genuinely healthy. It really does give glowing happiness!


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