Friday, April 6, 2012

Prom Beauty Look: The Fancy Pony

Kim Kardashian

Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian
No one ever said a ponytail can't be fancy! Kim Kardashian especially can be seen sporting all types of fancy ponies at special events wether they are slicked back or have curl and volume. The fancy pony look can be used for someone wanting show off their face or a beautifully detailed dress. I am in love with the jewlery peice Kim added to her ponytail in the top photograph. Kim makes sure her hair is always nice and shiny before puling it all up  and back and the shimmery gold hair accessory makes her healthy hair and bronze make-up stand out. Pick up hair jewelry at any hair store or a store that carries beauty products. Demi Lovato shows that a little bit of a messy look can be fabulous. Curl your hair and create big waves before pulling your hair up into a ponytail which will create nice volume and bodyy just  like Demi's hair. Don't forget to add the earrings! Try out a fancy ponytail look for the prom or any other special occasion ladies, they're are both comfortable and fab!


  1. Is one of my favorites hair styles! Thanks for sharing


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