Monday, April 2, 2012

Get The Look: Sleek and Chic Emma Watson

Emma Watson is sleek and chic in this drop dead gorgeous look. The back cut-ou and sparkle in her dress maintain her youth while still staying fashionable. Emma's make-up simple yet bold, all you need to recreate it is rosy blush, red lipstick, silver eyeshadow, and a few other basic make-up materials.
  1. Begin with a clean face and  use concealer for any needed ares. Put on foundation and set it with powder for a matte look.
  2. Prime your eyes with primer. Take the silver shadow and brush only along your lower lid. A shimmery flesh tone shadow should be use as highlight along the brow bone.
  3. Lightly line your upper eyelid with black eyeliner and coat your lashes with mascara.
  4. Define your brows by using either an eyebrow kit or a dark shadow and filling in them in with light strokes. Brush your brows afterwards.
  5. Take the rosy blush  and apply on the apples of your cheeks up to your temples. Make sure to blend!
  6. Prime your lips and line them with a light red lip liner. Apply a red lipstick such as the Lancome lipstick Emma Watson uses.
  7. If you go outside the lines with lipstick, fix it by applying concealer over it.
Try out this look for a night out or when you have a need to be sleek and chic. Remember practice and patience makes perfect for getting the look just right. Modify any steps if needed.


  1. She looks amazing! Great post! <3


  2. I love the make-up on her. Great post. XOxo V.V.


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