Friday, April 6, 2012

Hair 101: The Wand

Isabelle Fuhrman
"The Wand" is becoming a popular hair untensil amongst tons of medium to long haired girls. Isabelle Furhman, pictured above, from the Hunger games is sporting a hairstyle that only a wand could accomplish. I love how her has very consructed coils while the hair is still loose and natural. The carefree wave look is becoming very "in" for spring/summer 2012.   The wand is basically a just a curling iron with no clamp that is bigger at the bottom and becomes smaller as it gets closer to the tip. The wand creates a spiral curl that is much looser than a normal curling iron and gives off more of a carefree wave. The wand comes in many different brands such as the one pictured below, although they may not all go by the name, The Wand.
Have you ever tried the Wand or a similar curling iron? How do you like the curls?


  1. I have a curling wand and LOVE it. I did a post on it a while ago after I got it for Christmas. I have pretty long hair and it is pretty much the only thing the will make my curls last because usually the weight of long hair makes it go straight really fast but the wand gets REALLY hot and makes it look so pretty and for a long time!

  2. I have heard about the wand from a few other bloggers, but have not yet tried it. I do kinda like the effect and my long hair has been boring lately, so I should give this a try!
    Thanks for the great review!
    XO - Marion

    PS - Just found your blog :)


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