Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Her Style: Jennifer Lawrence

Look #1
Jennifer Lawrence Shoes
Look #2
Jennifer Lawrence knows just how to take a tomboy personality and trnsform it into  chic and trendy style. Jennifer dresses to fit her own body and never dresses overly sexy or too sweet. She knows her personality and style which helps make her confidence and outfits look so amazing. Look #1 is a very laid back, quirky outfit that is perfect for wearing anywhere by just switching out the heels for oxfords during the early day. I love that she paired a flowly navy skirt with a slouchy shirt that remained feminine by showing off a bit of clevage. Look #2  shows off Jennifer's toned body and curves and is super chic. The striped tee prevents the look from being boring and the strappy heels add some detail to her bottom half. I am loving Jennifer's sunglasses and the fact that she chose a gold necklace.
How are you liking Jennifer Lawrence's style?


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