Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fashion 101: All About Neon

Solange Knowles
Heidi Klum
Neon is a hot trend that can an outfit pop and is always perfect for srping/summer. I love that neon can be worked into an outfit in many different ways such as colorblocking or a simple scarf. Solange Knowles works neon throughout her outfit even creating a colorblock efffect. Solange prevents the look from being too much by only using three items of bright color and minimal jewelry.  Remember to only pair complementing colors like Solange has done with pink, purple, and yellow. Heidi Klum uses neon as a pop of color by pairing it with an all black ensemble. Neon is just as great when it is only used in a purse or an accessory! Heidi makes wearing all black totally spring with just a neon yellow handbag. Try out the neon trend this spring/summer ladies!


  1. I love this trend so much...I like so much Solange dress is fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Neon and pastels are just the best!


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