Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty 101: Lovely Lips

Kate Bosworth
Lip color is all the rage for summerand lovely lippies can make your entire beauty look pop! I love Kate Bosworth soft, but bold pink lip color. Her lip color comes off as more as a glossy color because it is not too matte and has just the right amount of shimmer. Try to find a nice lip color that has shimmer in it since it is summer and nothing should be too matte or dull. Lip glosses with major tint and pigmentation are great to use because they are easy to reapply and stay on for a good amount of time. The best colors to try are pinks, purples, and reds of any shade r tone that fit your skin tone well. You may end up purchasing more than one to get the color just right, it's all about experimenting sometimes! A big tip is that if a color doesn't work, try blotting the color or pairing another color on top. Remember, if your lips aren't in tip top shape, use chapstick or the toothbrush method to exfoliate and brush away dead parts of your lips.

What's your go to lip color?


  1. I really love this lip shade! You are right, it should have a bit of shimmer or sheen to it too! I'd love to add a bold pink to my lipstick collection.


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