Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get The Look: Sparkly Nude

Megan Fox

A sparkly nude make-up look is extremely gorgeous and enhances your natural features. The sparkles help to illuminate your features and give a goddess-like look. Megan Fox definitely wears the beauty look well and it can even be a daytime look if the falsies were taken away. All you need to recreate the look is a dewy foundation, nude lipstick and gloss, broner, a light shimmer shadow as well as a light brown shimmer shadow and black mascara and liner.
  1. Begin with a clean face and apply concealer to any needed areas. Apply foundation as well to even out your skintone.
  2. Take your bronzer, make the "fishy face", and apply within the hollows your face makes to a little bit above your temples. Brush a small amount of bronzer along the top of your nose and chin. Don't go overboard and remember to blend!
  3. Prime your eyelids with primer. Use your light shimmer shadow on your lid up to the crease as well as on your inner corner.
  4. Take your light brown shimmer shadow and brush it into your crease and fade it out to your brow bone. Blend it out on the brow bone with the light shimmer shadow.
  5. Use your liner to create a thick line on the outside of your lash line. Coat your lashes with 2-3 coats of mascara. Add false lashes for a more dramatic look.
  6. Fill in your brows with a shadow or pencil by using light strokes for a more defined look.
  7. Take your nude lipstick and apply it to your lips. Add lipgloss on top for a shimmery look.
  8. Use a powder to eliminate too much shine.
If your suffer from fall out, put tape or a napkin under your eyes to catch the falling shadow! Remember practice makes perfect and to be patient when trying out new make-up looks. Try changing some steps to make it your own. Rock the look by day with less eyeliner and mascara and by night with dramatic falsies. Rock it out!

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