Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Series: Hot Hair

Lauren Conrad
Ashley Benson

Shailene Woodley Ties Her Long Hair Back Into This Super High Chic Bun
Shailene Woodley
Summer gets extremely hot and sometimes it's too much to have long locks hitting against your body. Summer is also the best time to try out new styles, especially for your hair. I love how Lauren Conrad keeps her long locks all year round and is always finding new ways to spice it up. Lauren's hairstyle above is very easy to do and gets your hair out of your face. You can either french braid a section of hair backwards or simply just braid two sections and clip them back. So simple! Ashley Benson took a major chop of her long wavy hair and it is super edgy, just what she is going for. The natural wavy hair and messy aspect is the best part of her new 'do.  Short hair can be very versatile just like long hair because it can still be curled, braided, pinned, anything! It also prevents you from being even more overheated! Lastly Shailene Woodley goes trendy by pulling her hair up into a high bun that can either be messy or slick, whatever look your going for! A bun is very versatile because it can work for both formal and casual occassion and also helps when your in the process of growing out your hair.

What is your go to hairstyle for summer?

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  1. I love the hair style of Ashley Benson. Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.


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