Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fashion 101: Pops of Color

Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson's outfit is the perfect example of ways to add in a pop of color! Pops of color are used when your outfit seems too dark or has too much of one color. A pop of color is exciting and gives your look more personality and head turning power! The best places to add a pop of color is with a shoe, purse, accessory, or even in the shirt or bottoms. Other simple places to add a pop of color could also be with your nail polish or make-up. I love how Rachel Bilson incorporated two pops of color in two neons, it is absolutely fab! Rachel shoes are fierce, the yellow is a little too muted to be considered neon, but they still are bright against the black pants. The bright blue shirt brightens up Rachel as well as the room. I especially love the overall flowiness of the top and the nice ease it gives off.

How do you add pops of color?


  1. I love the colors of her outfit. She looks very nice!

  2. Love the Shoes ,great Outfit!


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