Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair 101: Transform Long Hair

Long hair can often start to appear boring and dull, especially dark long hair. However, Hailee Steinfield seems to have the secret of how to keep long hair looking shiny, bouncy, and the perfect styles.  Keep reading for tips on transforming long hair!

Pulled Back
The pulled back look works great if you want your hair out your face and still look chic. A pulled back do' can work with the front being slicked back or pumped up with volume, there are so many options! I especially love a pulled back hairstyle with a beautiful clip in the back and braid accent. 
Fancy Bun
A bun always looks nice and especially on long hair because the bun will be even bigger and more filled out. A bun works for both formal and casual occassions and can even be accessorized with small clips. To get a bun similar to Hailee's, pull your hair into a ponytail and braid it. After braiding wrap your hair around into a bun and lightly pull the braid until it is loose. Use bobby pins to place your hair exactly where you want it.

Side Braid
A side braid, side ponytail, or even just side swep hair can do wonders! It is a great change because it can help show off your face and add detail. The most trendy side hairstyle look would have to be the messy sidee fishtail. A fishtail braid in general is very unique and a little bit of messy gives it personality. Find out how to do a fishtail braid here.

The best way to keep long hair flowing and gorgeous is to add layers so your hair is more dimesional. Also, if your not afraid of color, adding in a few highlights and lowlights give your hair a more luscious look. Remember to keep your hair glossy, not greasy, by using a shine serum or shine spray.

How do you maintain your long hair?


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