Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Series: Beach Beauty Tips

kelly rowland sexy beach 363x400 Kelly Rowland gets sexy on the beach
Kelly Rowland and friends
It's summertime which means it is also time to hit the beach! No matter what every girl still wants to look cute and be the beauty of the beach and all you need is a big smile, confidence, and these tips!
  1. Sunscreen! Even if your not going to the beach you still need sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV Rays and prevent skin cancer.
  2. Shades! Shades help shield your eyes from the sunrays and are also a cute accessory. Try out shades of different shapes and prints to match all your beach looks.
  3. A Hat! A floppy hat or a fedora is great to keep the sun from beaming down on your head. It also is so chic and adds style to your beach look.
  4. The Perfect Swimsuit! A swimsuit that flatters your body and makes you feel confident will help to make you the beauty of the beach. Be sure to make sure that your not falling out of your suit, but that the suit is accentuating your body instead.
  5. Go Natural! The only make-up you need at the beach is a smile especially since there is so much water the make-up will run down your face. If you must wear make-up, make sure it's water-proof !
  6. Bring a Toy/Play a Game! Try build a sandcastle or bringing a volleyball or a frisbee to the beach and form a game/activity with other beach goers. A kind inviting personality is always beautiful, plus beach games are always fun!
Remember just to have fun at the beach and your inner and outer beauty will shine!
Don't forget the sunscreen!

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  1. I totally agree with the go natural part. Sun and makeup are such a bad combo.


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