Saturday, June 30, 2012

Books to Read: L.A. Candy

Lauren Conrad
L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad is my current favorite book and I'm not even done reading it yet! I know the book and the following books in its series have been oiut forr some time now, but I just had a chance to start reading what I want now.  L.A. Candy is about two girls, Jane and Scarlet, who move out to Los Angeles to pursue a new lifestyle and dreams. Of course something amazing has to happpen to the girls which is a chance to be reality stars and who knows what's going to happen next! At the moment I am on the rising action part of the book and I don't want to reveal too much except that the girl's friendships seems to be slowly fading away and the cameras come a lot more. This book is so fun to read and a great read for anyone who likes girly books that featureas friendship, boys/dating, reality tv, and a crazy schedule job/school. Also, the book does have cursing, not a lot, but the swearing words could be considered harsh. I recommend that you might need to b at least 13 years or older to understand the concepts and what's going on in the book.

I am planning to do updates as I read the rest of L.A. Candy as well as the otheer books in the series. Have you read L.A. Candy or any other books written by Lauren Conrad?

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