Sunday, June 24, 2012

Get The Look: Colorful and Classy

Dianna Argon

Dianna Argon looks likee she stepped right out of a magazine! Dianna's look is perfect from head to toe and screams fashion. The use of color, minimal accessories and make-up keep the look chic and classy which is perfect for a formal event during the summertime. A dress with color and design is great for summer and works well if you want to recreate this look. Any design can be made to work as long as you wear it confidently and keep the accessories minimal. A belted a-line dress will help to get the exact style while also adding a lovely curve and shape to your body. A pair of sandal heels will be the most heat appropriate as well as keeping the shoes a neutral color so they will not comepte with the dress. A pair of sunglasses with color will add a bit of emphasis to the look, but the oomph power could also be used withing a clutch or bag. As for beauty, pulled back hair, a glossy nude lip, and mascara-coated lashes will look gorgeous while still staying natural.

How do you stay colorful and classy?


  1. I usually go for a strong/intense colour but rather stay away from prints... or keep them rather simple. This would be too much for me but she really looks great!


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