Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hair 101: Pump Up The Volume

Chloe Moretz
Chloe Moretz's hair stood out to me as I browsed through numerous pictures. Her hair is pumped up with volume without being extremely high or seeming "untouchable". After spending many seconds awing at her hair, I thought about all the things to do to make my own hair full of body and instantly full and thick. I know it's not possible to grow extra strands within minutes, but these are tips that can help you fake it 'til you make it!
  1. Keratin-enriched products! A keratin enriched product will help your strands to become stronger and make each strand larger. Keratin is basically a protein and is great to use to keep your hair healthy.
  2. Volumizing products! A volumizing mousse or hairspray will almost always help add extra height and thickness to the hair, however sometimes they leave the hair hard or sticky so be sure not to use too much 
  3. Blowdry upside down! This may seem out there, but blowdrying your hair upside down can help add extra volume and body to your hair.
  4. A headband! A thick headband, such as the one seen on Chloe Moretz, gives off an illusion of hair with more volume height, especially when its a dark or bold color.
  5. A bumpet! Contraptions that you stick in your hair may get bad reps at times, but with the right size and application, they actually can work!

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