Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Summer Florals

Floral jeans and a denim button up are staple items in my wardrobe right now. They can both be worn seperately with a completely different look, or in this summery casual look I am wearing above. This outfit is perfect for a day that is not extremely hot, but it is still very warm. It is also very casual while still being a bit daring and super trendy!

I always toggle between wearing my denim button up down or crop it up by tying it in the front. Either way works for the look , but for chose to tie it up to give a fun, carefree vibe. I paired a purple cami underneath to bring out the purple and pink flowers in my floral jeans.

My shoes are just everyday flats that sparkle in silver glitter! As you may have figured out, these are the same skinny jeans I wore in an earlier OOTD post, I just rolled them up to make them more heat appropriate. My jewlery consists of my favorite Betsey Johnson boyfriend watch, a flower ring, and a butterfly ring. Can you see my nails sporting the butterfly design as well?

If you would like to know where any of the items I am wearing are from just comment below!
What is your Outfit Of The Day?

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