Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fashion 101: A Flowing Chrissy Teigen

Look #1
Chrissy Teigen Clothes
Look #2
Flowing and loose outfits are becoming an everyday look that can be dressed up or dressed down. The look is great for the summer days because although you may be wearing long pants or sleeves, the fabric is wide enough that the air breezes right through. Chrissy Teigen,  a gorgeous model, rocks the flowy look both casually and dressed up. Look #1 is great for a day out and can even transition into a night look with the right make-up and accessories. The white tank is loose which gives off a cool vibe while the belted wide leg jeans give her back her shape. The jeans can easily be changed to shorts if it is too hot. Look #2 is bold because of the sheer sleeved blazer sky blue pants. The silkiness and color of the pants give off a fun vibe while the blazer keeps it polished. Whenever wearing a flowy look try not to wear chunky jewelry, but more subtle pieces so there is no overpowering. The best hair is wavy and carefree so the whole look moves together.

Are you trying out the loose and flowy look?

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