Monday, June 18, 2012

Get The Look: Smokes and Roses

Cassie Ventura
Cassie's make-up looks are always gorgeous and suit her well. Cassie is seen wearing a nude, glosst lip in almost all her beauty looks along with long thick lashes. Not only is Cassie daring with her make-up, she also bold with hair because she has one side shaved and the other long and luscious. To recreate the look pull your hair into a side ponytail and add loose curls to the bottom. For the make-up, all you need is a rosy blush, nude gloss, black eyeshadow, golden shadow, a highlight, black liner, and mascara.
  1. Begin with a clean face and conceal any needed areas. Use foundation to even out skin tone and smoothness.
  2.  Brush your eyebrows and add primer all over the lids.
  3. Take the golden shadow and apply it all over your lower eyelid.
  4. Take the black shadow and apply in a C-shape into your crease. Brush the shadow out into a fading point. *Use a dark brown shadow for a daytime look!
  5. Apply your highlight starting at the browbone and blend it to the beginning of the crease line.
  6. Apply a thick line of liner with liquid liner across the lash line and apply mascara. *Use false lashes for a dramatic look.
  7. Take a rosy blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks up into your temples.
  8. Apply a nude gloss to your lips.
Wear this look for a night out or tone it down by using softer colors and wear it for a day out! Remember, practice makes perfect and to be patient when trying out new make-up looks. Modify the look and make it your very own for a more personal touch. Try out the look!

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  1. That's such a hot look...and as usual, Cassie looks flawless! Thanx for the tips!


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