Friday, March 30, 2012

Get The Look: Jennifer Lopez's Colorful Mini Dress

Look #1
Look #2
Jennifer Lopez knows how to rock a mini dress and does it with color! Neons and pastels are in for spring as well as the mini dress and body-con silhouette. Look #1 is very trendy because it is a leather dress and even features a bit of nude colorblocking. Jennifer's strappy heels help lengthen out her legs and the gold bracelets go great with her skin tone. The shades and white clutch are perfect accessories because they don't do too much. Look #2 is simple, but still bright and cheery. The neon green dress paired with hot pink heels work together since they are the only two bright colors in the outfit. The long sleeves are perfect for spring because it keeps you warm when the weather gets windy. Jennifer accessorizes with silver jewelry and wavy hair.
What do you think about Jennifer's looks?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love Her Style: Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker

Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker
Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker of the movie, Battleship, are looking absolutely gorgeous at a photocall. Rihanna, in an Alexander Wang dress is very classy, but still young. The dark green color of the dress looks great with her skin tone and the black heels  and gold wrist choker are lovely accessories. Rihanna's hair color and style is gorgeous and the waves are perfect for spring. Her make-up is also very natural, the nude lipstick is beautiful.  Brooklyn Decker is very daring in a quilted, swirly, cut-out Stella Mcartney dress. I love her heels and her use of no jewlery, it lets the dress speak for itself. Brooklyn Decker's pulled back her shows off her face and her make-up look is brings out her eyes.
How do you feel about Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker's dresses?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair 101: The Milkmaid Braid

Elle Fanning
Mary-Kate Olsen
The milkmaid braid is a trending hairstyle and works with medium to long hair. It is perfect for a bad hair day, a casual day, or even a night out! The only tools needed are a few ponytail holders, bobby pins, a brush, a comb, hairspray/ serum, and a curling//flat iron is optional. How do you feel about the milkmaid braid?
  1. Begin with day old hair so the braids will hold. Comb/brush out any tangles in the hair.
  2. Part your hair two sections and loosely braid the hair creating pigtails. Secure each braid with a ponytail holder.
  3. If you would like the braid to look looser, tug and expand the braid as desired.
  4. Pull one of the braids across your head and secure it with a bobby pin. Do the same with the other braid.
  5. For a smoother look, lightly brush the front back. For a messy look pull out your bangs and use a curling iron to create waves.
  6. Use hairspray to keep the look in place and serum to take care of unnecessary frizz.
Remember practice makes perfect and patience is key to creating new hairstyles. Modify some steps to suit you perfectly.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trend Alert: Socks with Heels

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts stays looking young and carefree by pairing risque socks with a pair of shorts. Make sure you pair the look with a covered top half and chic accessories to not go too raunchy with the look.

Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester is super posh in this oufit! She stays in an all black look which maintains color with pops of floral in the dress. I loev that her socks are the same color as her shoes and only go up to about mid-calf.
Rihanna is in a daring girly meets edgy look in this outfit. Her gold pumps are paired with white socks that bunch at the ankles which work because they are in a neutral color.

A trend I am seeing repeatedly on everyone from celebrities to everday fashionistas is socks with heels. The look is stylish while also keeping your feet warm or hiding a bad pedicure.   Keep the look fresh by wearing socks that bunch up at the ankle or go up to or higher than your calf. Make sure to keep the socks a neutral colors that goges with your shoes and outfit to prevent a childish look.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Dress Up A White Tee

Natural Beauty Challenge Week Six

The Natural Beauty Challenge has ended, well kind of. The Natural Beauty Challenge may only be six weeks long, but to maintain healthy skin and hair you have to keep it going. Througout the six weeks my skin has been through ups and downs while my hair has gotten progressively better and better. Now I have a definite skin regimen for day and night, but while I still have break-outs I know how to handle them better. Also, I don't wear make-up everyday which is great for the skin because it has time to breath. I haeve learned how to keep my hair from being tangled and lots of new hairstyles. The flat iron is only used on my hair about once every two weeks! Start the challenge now or tell about how it has helped you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion 101: Springtime One Piece

Zoe Saldana
Kourtney Kardashian Clothes
Kourtney Kardashion
Springtime is the perfect season ffor wearing a one piece such as a dress or a romper. Zoe Saldana looks absolutely amazing in a floral long sleeveed mini dress. The long sleeves help balance out the dress and stay warrm when the weather gets chilly. The floral print is also super cute and spring ready, the nude heels will make anyone legs look super long and lean. Minimal to no accessories are needed for the look. Kourtney Kardashion is   looking trendy by adding a crisp, white blazer over a bright romper. Rompers are best for girls who need a quick outfit for a day of running and moving around. The heels can also be replaced flats, sandals, or even cute sneakeres. Adding a pair oof sunglasses and a clutch will make the look more put together and chic. Try out a springtime one piece ladies!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love Her Style: Taylor Swift

Look #1
Look #2
Taylor Swift is the perfect girly girl and has the style to match. Taylor always has a feminine touches to her outfits and even throws in hints of edgy and vintage. She knows what works for her shape and has learned the power of pairing a belt around the waist to create curves. Look #1 is very casual and is a great girly look for school. I love her use of color and pattern in her shirt, flats, and bag. Her hair is very cute and also gives off a little indie vibe because of the headband. Look #2 is perfect for a date or a semi-formal  event. The dress is a mixture of girly and vintage and the lace adds a touch of sexy. Taylor's shows are lovely and the red lipstick and pinned hair give off an old school vibe.
What's your style?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Get The Look: Katy Perry at Paris Fashion Week

Katy Perry Beauty
Katy Perry was super fashionable at Paris Fashion Week and had an amazing beauty look as well. I am loving her use of colorful make-up without it being too much. The look is perfect for spring and helps with venturing off into the make-up world! Go ahead and grab a pink lipstick and a bright colored liner to try out the look.
  1. Start off with a clean face. Use a concealer to cover any needed areas and  foundation to even out the skin.
  2. Contour your cheeks with a sheer, rosy blush. Be sure not to apply too much so the face stays very clean and bare.
  3. Prime your eyelids with a primers. Lightly line your eyes with black liner and wing it out.
  4. Now take your colorful liner and line right at the edge of your black liner. Wing out the colorful liner as well.
  5. Take black mascara and coat your bottome and top lash about 3-4 times. Add a pair of long fasle eyelashes for a more dramatic look.
  6. Now prime your lips with a primer. Put on a matte lipstick in a pastel color such as rosy pink.
  7. Lastly brush your eyebrows and pull back your hair to show off your beauty look.
    Remember to be patient while trying out the beauty look and practice makes perfect. Modify any steps to get the look just right for you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Lace and Floral

I finally have a pair of floral jeans!!! I am so excited to reveal my first outfit styled with floral jeans and crotchet crop top. I was going for a very spring time garden look, whenver I see such light colors, crotchet and flowers, I can only thing of a lovely garden. I paired the outfit with  lace-up sandals, minimal jewlery, and a braided bun in my hair. I really love all the individual pieces of my outfit, but for anyone scared of prints on jeans try out a crochet top. The crochet top is great for dressing up a plain tee or tank and goes perfect with shorts, jeans, skirtd, and even a solid dress. Have fun with spring fashions!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Haul

It's time for me to share my new spring purchases! I am very excited to add these new peices to my spring wardrobe.
What's in your spring wardrobe?

*All the items mentioned in this video were purchased from Delia's and Marshall's. I am not affiliated or paid to review these items by niether Delia's or Marshall's.

Confidence Booster #7

Hailee Steinfeld
Boost up your confidence by taking risk while still being yourself . Hailee Steinfeld tries out rik throughout fashion, she wore converses on the red carpet! Hailee is a great example of being yourself while still taking risks and staying youthful. Youth is the great confidence because it carefree and playful. Pull your hair back and go with no make-up for a day, that's a major risk for some ladies. Don't forget to hold your shoulders back and head up! I just love when confidence naturally comes from a person such as Hailee. Just remember that risks and showing your own personality is the best confidence around.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Colorful For Spring

Welcome Spring and goodbye winter! It is now officially spring where I am and I decided to start it off with fun color, playful stripes and a cute cutout. This was actually my first time wearing colorful jeans, I loved thi shade of blue and I felt that the orange really went with my skin tone without being overpowering. I did keep with my favorite shoes, oxfords, because there is still a little wind and you always have to stay a little pratical.  Because of my top I am now obssessed with details on everything, I think the cutout just adds a little extra instead of just being a normal flowly top. My outfit made me feel verr confident and bright. Vibrant colors can only make you smile!
How are you starting off your Spring?

Natural Beauty Challenge Week Five

There is only 1 more week left of the natural beauty challenge! My skin has gotten much better than when I first started although I still get the occasional break-out. As of rigt now my skin is mostly blemish free, but not what the average person would call great skin. I am really hoping to try out the Clinique acne make-up, I have some sample sizes of the foundation and it works great. It really does help with the acne that already there while making it less noticable. Another great thing for skin that is not getting as much acne, but still has scars or dark spots would be a great moisturizers or toner. It needs to actuallyy ork into your skin rather than lay on top of it, I use Neutrogena Visibly Even moisturizer and it is fantastic. My hair is great and is still looking healthy and growing. I have been wearing it up lately in buns and ponytails which works best for anyone who works out frequently. Keep up with the Natural Beauty Challenge ladies!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair 101: Emma Watson

Look #1
Look #2
Emma Watson rocks short hair and looks absolutely beautiful. I am a huge fan of short hair, it allows all features of the face stand out and makes room to take risks everywhere else. Emma's haircut reminds me of Mia Farrow's pixie cut in the movie Rosemary's Baby. Some girls may be deathly afraid to make the big chop, but short hair is actually very versatile. Emma's hair can be worn in the style it is cut in or she can easily slick it back for a more sleek look. She can even dress up her hair with clips, headbands, or any types of hair decos. And the best thing is that hair is always growing and there are such things as hair extensions in case you really do not like it. Switch it up and try out short hair ladies!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion 101: Shorts With Tights

Alexa Chung
Nicole Richie
I have been seeing celebrities and everyday girls pairing their cutest shorts with tights during this transition from winter to spring.  The shorts show your ready for spring, while the tights are keep your legs from freezeng. Alexa Chung dresses up the look by adding a blazer, heels and even sporting the peter pan collar trend as well. Nicole Richie is staying chic and casual by pairing her shorts and tights with a loose, flowly top, a short crotchet cardigan, and lovely black booties. Try out the look by simply taking some tights and your favorite shorts, then dress it up anyway you would like. The tights do not have to be black or one solid color and heels are not a requirement. Try out the look ladies and put your own style with it!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love Her Style: Nicole Richie

Look #1
Look #2
I hae fallen in love with Nicole Richie's style! She has been spotted in the best outfits and is always looking amazing. I loe her casual style as well as her dress up days. Nicole is also great on the new show Fashion Star, make sure you check it out! Look #1 is very casual outfit for any fashionista, but it has just the right amount of pow and chic to it. I really like that she paired the outfit with shoes of a completely different color which prevented her from being too matchy-matchy. The satchel is also to die for cute. Look #2 is very daring and risky. Some people may think it looks like a costume while other think it is a great take on menswear. Either way I am very into Nicole new fashion revolution and hope she continues to keep all the fashionistas' eyes on her. Try out some of Nicole's looks ladies!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.
- Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get The Look: Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson's Teen Vogue Cover
I was instantly amazed with my new issue of Teen Vogue as I saw a gorgeous Ashley Benson gracing the covers. I love Ashley's make-up and it is perfect for an everyday beauty look. This look is so easy to recreate with just a few make-up basics. Pull out your foundation, primer, liner, blush/bronzer and mascara ladies!
  1. Start off with a very clean face. Use concealer to hide any blemishes then add on some matte foundation.
  2. Take some golden blush or bronzer, suck in your cheeks and contur your face. Make sure to blend to stop harsh lines while dragging the brush up into your temples.
  3. Prime your eyelids and line your top lash line with a light coating of black. Create a cateye if you wish to add a little drama to your eyes.
  4. Coat your lashes with some mascara, but keep them natural by using only 1-2 swipes.
  5. Put some primer on your lips and add a pretty pink lipstick to give your look some color.
Remember practice makes perfect and modify any steps to fit you . Rock this beautiful beauty look chicas!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion 101: The Blazer

Look #1
Look #2
Blazer are the hot trend in the fashion world lately. Blazers can be used to dress up a casual outfit, add color, or just keep you warm. I love the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes blazers come in, they are perfect for any wardrobe.  Kim Kardashion is always sporting a blazer, but underneath it all is just the basics. Kim is wearing skinny jeans, flowly tanks, and chic accessories  which are perfect for adding blazers too. The first look shows off a casual, white cheetah print blazer that adds nice pizazz to a plain tank. The second look is a fashion risk! I love that she paired a striped blazer with shoulder pads to her outfit. Kim works the look and is not letting it overpower her. Dress up your everyday look with a blazer ladies!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Natural Beauty Challenge Week Four

The Natural Beauty Challenge has gone by so quickly, there are only 2 weeks left! During this week my skin has been getting better as I found how to balance cleasning my face throughtout the day. I now only use a cleanser and spot treatment at night and every other day I use a scrub in the morning. Also because I do workout, I keep facial wipes in my purse to keep the excess oil and bacteria off my face. As for my hair, I have been making sure to comb through to prevent my usual head of tangles and decided to wear it down the entire week. I advise everyone to try out facial wipes, spot treatments, and/or a nice daily cleanser or scrub. Those product will do wonders for your skin, but be sure to think about your specific skin type such as oily, normal, or dry. Try out different comb and brush sizes for your hair because I have discovered that it can make a huge impact on the smoothness and amount of tangles in the hair. Keep it going on the Natural Beauty Challenge!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fashion 101: Colorful Jeans

Victoria Justice

Hayden Panettiere
Jessica Alba
Colorful jeans are great to go in your closet and work with any style! I love that they can make any outfit stand out and go with just about anything. You can take bright pastel colors and make the skinny jeans go girly and romantic or take a darker color and pair it with more edgy pieces. I have recently just purchased my first pair which are in a bright blue color, I can't wait to wear them! I am especially in love with Jessica Alba's take on seagreen skinny jeans with a chic grey sweatshirt, she looks fabulous, casual, and chic. Try out colorful skinny jeans ladies, especially for spring!

Stylist: June Ambrose

June Ambrose
"When it's about fashion, wear the things you love"
- June Ambrose

June Ambrose is an amazing star stylist and is soon to be making her mark on everyone's TVs! Check out June Amborse's show, Styled By June, premiering March 19 on VH1!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fashion 101: How To Create Curves

Blake Lively

Leighton Meester
Body shapes and sizes come in a large variety and is unique to each person. Some ladies may have lots of curves while others go straight up and down, but there is a way for everyone to have curves. Contrasting color and peplum dresses and skirts are a fashionable way to create curves in any frame. Blake Lively is showing off the peplum dress trend in all black giving her an hour glass frame. The peplum widens out her hips making her waist appear smaller. Stay clear of a peplum skirt if you already have wider hips chicas! Leighton Meester is wearing a fitted high waisted skirt which alone can create an hour glass frame and adds a crop tank that gives the curve even more definition. Outfits like Leighton Meester can come in a complete dress or be made with seperates. Try out peplum skirts and dresses and contrasting colors to create curves!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion 101: Lace On Lace

Ashley Tisdale

Lace On The Runway
Lace is making a major comeback. Lace is so beautiful and even gives a vintage, romantic feel to any outfit. Perfect for spring! And lace on lace is even more perfect and more fashion forward. I have seen tons of lace shorts, but I have also seen lace crop tops.  So why not put them together and make a statement. To keep the look from looking too old or boring, you can pair a bright tank to peek out underneath the lace top or a cute pair of wedges. Remember to keep the look young because all lace can begin to look too old and lose its youth. Try out the lace on lace look chicas!