Friday, October 26, 2012

Hair 101: Big Messy Bun

I love wearing a big bun right on top of my head! Big messy buns look casual, fun, and put together all in one, plus they're really easy to do. The only issuse with creating a bun is that some days they just don't come out full and voluminous which defeats the whole concept of a big messy bun. I have come up with and perfected my own new way of creating the perfect messy bun that requires only bobby pins, a ponytail holders, and a brush. Keep on reading to find out how to recreate my big messy bun: 
  1. Start out by brushing all the tangles out of your hair. Go ahead and pull out any extra hair or bangs that you don't want added in your bun.
  2. Pull the hair the hair you want in your bun up into a ponytail, but do not pull the hair all the way through. Your hair should look like an unfinished ponytail with the end and beginning of your ponytail both in the ponytail holder.
  3. Begin "messing" up your hair by slowing loosening up the unfinished ponytail. As you pull out and loosen up hair be sure to secure the peices with a bobby pin or else it will all fall down.
  4. Use bobby pin or clips to secue any hair that is sticking out or falling all the way out of the style.
  5. For added flair, tie a bandana around the front of your hair, flower clips, or a cute headband.
If you have anymore questions or try out y big messy bun look leave it in the comments below. Rock the bun!


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  3. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. Love your outfit, we can follow each other sometime if you like.


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