Thursday, October 18, 2012

OOTD: The Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater

Just because it's fall doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing bright eye-catching color and funky prints! The weather is getting so breezy so I decided that it's time to pull out my sweaters and on top their happened to be my 4 year old blue and green sweater. This sweater is an old favorite especially since it is in such good condition after all these years! Although the green and blue coloring appear bright in the photos, they're actaully quite dark and needed a little something to lighten the mood and make it more fun. I paired my sweater with these vibrant red pants that stop right above the ankle and gives off a quirky, cool look when worn with oxfords. I wore a blue cami underneath my sweater, I have to keep the little something I do have covered, a small pair of dangly earrings, and four mismatch rings.
Tell me what your wearing for fall and how you style your favorite sweater!


  1. I agree with you, bright colors should be part of our fall wardrobe. Cool post and I like your pants!.



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