Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOTD: Leather and Letterman

 So I decided that it's finally to pull out my favorite pair of leather pants! It's been so windy outside I had to have something to cover up and warm my legs while still feeling super cute and chic. I paired my leather pants with a cute crop top with a black cami underneath and my grey and white Letterman jacket. By the way, this is the Letterman jacket I have been talking about forever! The jacket is super warm, but not smothering so it's perfect for fall weather. Lastly, I just threw on my grey tennis shoes to break up all the black while going along with the colors of my jacket, plus they're super comfy.

 Here you can see a more detailed look of my top, I especially love the sequin detail of the owl's wing. However, I wore my jacket most of the day because of the cold weather. I always have to wear a belt to keep my pants up so I put on my black leather, silver studded belts. My accessories include 2 gold rings on each hand, my JLANI Jewels ring/bracelet chain, my Free Spirit bracelet, and gold Betsey Johnson boyfriend watch.

 I also wore my favorite ear accessory, my gold leaf cuff. I think it looks so good mixed in with my hair, because it glitters and dangles through. Judt to let you know, I did not cut my hair! I had layers put in about a month among so when I curl the front of my hair under it looks shorter than it really is, but it's still healthy and strong!

 Let me know what your wearing today in the comments below!

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