Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving: JLANI Jewels

I am currently loving and obsessed with JLANI Jewels and the pieces they sent me. JLANI Jewels is an amazing jewelry collection that has been worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rita Ora, Zoe Saldana, Dakota Fanning, and more. JLANI Jewels uses stainless steel which calls for little maintenance and a nice modern look. The fact that they use a recyclable metals for the jewelry is even better because the pieces are environmentally friendly. Keep on reading to check out the pieces.

 The pieces were sent to me in this cute little baggie with a sleek and chic JLANI card. Even though the little black bag isn't a piece, it was perfect to use for storing a small amount of jewelry while traveling.
Here you can see me wearing the two-tone multi link chain as a bracelet/ring duo, the clover leaf key as a statement necklace, and the mini cross ring. Since I love to mix gold and silver colored jewelry I had to wear all my pieces at once. Each piece fits perfectly into an edgy, girly, quirky, or even a glam look. 
The chain and mini cross ring look so simple, dainty, and elegant on my hand while still making a statement. The gold and silver contrast will pop against any skin tone and the draping of the chain across the hand is a flirty touch. The mini cross ring is so cute to me especially since it is dainty and one of my favorite symbols.

 I'm not usually a hoop earring girl primarily because hoops are usually heavy and irritate my ears. However, these hoops were light on my ears and didn't make my head look extremely small is comparison to the side. The ability to wear hoop earrings without my ears getting irritated was a super plus for me. The statement key necklace is great for dressing up a plain tee or adding to a chic blouse.

Be sure to check out JLANI Jewels on their website to check out more of their pieces that fit your specific look or style! Don't forget to also look for them on Instagram and Twitter.


  1. I love the chain ring!!! It looks great on your long fingers. The key necklace pretty too!


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