Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Steve Urkel
If your like me and don't really celebrate Halloween, then I'm guessing your not going to go out and buy an expensive costume. However, I am sure that your closet contains the perfect costume that is inexpensive and will make it appear like you totally didn't plan your costume 15 minutes before time to go. Now you may still be wondering why I posted a picture of Steve Urkel, well keep on reading to find out!
  • Nerd! All you need for a nerd costume are too short jeans (or roll them up!), any type of tucked in shirt, loafers, and to top it off you may want to add suspenders and oversized glasses. Make the look by "acting" like a nerd and carrying a nice supply of pens and pencils.
  • A decade! Choose a decade such as the 80's and dress in all bright colors, a big side ponytails, and leg warmers. If you choose the 70's throw on some wide leg jeans, for the 90's wear lots of denim, and for the 50's try out a poodle skirt, oxfords, a cardigan.
  • Homer Simpson! Put on a white, preferably collard tee shirt, jeans, and black shoes. Get the full effect of Homer Simpson by stuffing something round underneath your shirt and of course hold a yummy donut!
  • A tourist! We all know what a stereotypical tourist looks like, they always have a fanny pack, a camera, mom jeans or cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt or tee shirt, and good walking shoes. Be sure to embody the whole act of being a tourist to make the costume stand out!
  • An Olympian! I'm sure you have some type of medal, just throw it around your neck and put on any type of athletic wear.
  • A couple other great ideas include the Sun Drop girl, Flo the progressive girl, Spongebob Square Pants, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson from her Rhythm Nation video, and many more.
Let me know what your costume is for Halloween in the comments below!

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